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Residential Roofing Services You Can Trust Out Of Pflugerville, TX 

JNC: Residential Roofing

Regardless of your roof type, age, or height, JNC Roofing’s expert roofing contractors are committed to providing professional and prompt Pflugerville roof replacement and repair services.

We’ll start by giving you a free, honest, and no-obligation roof inspection and estimate. Whether you’re going through your insurance, paying out of pocket, or financing your residential roof work, the JNC team has years of experience walking homeowners through the roof replacement or repair process. We understand that this process can be stressful, but it doesn't have to be- thats why we take a few extra steps to make this process as stress-free and informative as possible.

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 Residential Roofing Services You Can Trust

So What Sets JNC Roofing apart from other Pflugerville Residential Roofing Contractors?  

             100% In-House Roofing Crews: JNC Roofing exclusively uses in-house roofing crews who have been trained and vetted by our owner, Chris, for quality, experience, and trustworthiness. Every crew member is trained to abide by our manufacturers’ recommended installation practices. Did you know that roofing manufacturers set guidelines for the tools that should be used during each step of installation of their materials? This includes specifications like nail length, type, and quantity per-material-unit, for example. A lot of other contractors will use staples or nails that are too short while installing components of your new roof because it’s cheaper and takes less time. This not only voids the manufacturer’s warranty on your roof, but will lead to premature aging of your entire roofing system. This is why it is so important to hire a roofing contractor who cares more about providing robust, high-quality roof replacements than they do about expediency. Using in-house crews gives us a level of quality control that simply cant be guaranteed by other contractors, most of whom sub-contract the roof work they’ve been trusted to perform out to any ole crew who is available on the day of your build. 

             Industry-Certified & Highly Insured: JNC Roofing’s track record of excellent craftsmanship has made us preferred-contractors with Owens Corning, and we are certified with many other industry-leaders, including GAF, McElroy Metal, Malarkey, and more. Thanks to these market titans, we only use premium roofing materials that are designed to withstand both heavy storms and the heat of Central Texas summers.

             Locally Owned & Operated: JNC Roofing has proudly serviced Pflugerville and surrounding-area homeowners since 2013. Before we are roofing contractors, we are all members of this community. We are right around the corner, and more importantly, as a local roofing company we are up-to-date on local residential building codes and insurance laws.

"What Does A Shingle Roof Replacement Entail?"

Residential Roof Replacement Process - Shingle Roofs

Check out photos of JNC Roofing's residential roof replacement process start-to-finish: an explanation of our installation process, and all of the ways we go above and beyond industry standards to ensure that our homeowners sleep more soundly under a JNC roof

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Signs Your Residential Roof Needs To Be Replaced, Based On Roof Type

Shingle Roofs

Curling, damaged, or missing shingles
Large water spots/discoloration on your ceiling or walls
Visibly broken or degrading flashing (flashing is a metal component installed around the joints and penetration points of a roof as an extra layer of defense against leaks)
Unwelcomed animals
Missing or damaged vents or vent caps

Metal Roofs

Rusting and discoloration
Dents or punctures after a severe storm
Protruding or loose nails or screws
Lifted fasteners (fasteners are the central points at which metal roof panels are anchored into the wooden decking)
The finish or paint is lifting from the metal panels

Tile Roofs

Missing or sliding tiles (sometimes replacing missing tiles can be fixed with a small repair job, but over time, missing tiles can cause serious damage to the underlayment, requiring a full roof replacement)
Cracked tiles
Large mold or mildew spots (homeowners will often have their tile roof pressure-washed to get rid of these unsightly spots, but it is common for pressure-washing companies to use bleach, which can degrade the underlayment and rust the nails holding your tiles in place.)
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