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Insurance Claims Free of Stress With JNC

JNC Roofing specializes in storm and wind damage roof repair and replacement claims. We've helped thousands of home and business owners navigate seamlessly through the insurance roof claim process, and we pride ourselves on going the extra mile to ensure that our customers understand: 

  • What kind of policy they have
  • Their policy as it relates to their roof claim, and what to expect at each phase of the claim
  • Their rights and responsibilities as a claimant and policyholder in the state of Texas in accordance with the relevant Texas insurance laws
  • The loss summary and partial payment of the claim provided by your insurance
  • Your deductible

Don't pay out of pocket for necessary home repairs- that's the obligation of your insurance company in many cases. Let us help you get approved for a full roof replacement at nothing more than the cost of your deductible. We'll help ensure you are getting the most out of your claim without additional out-of-pocket expenses.

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 Roofing Through Insurance: Some Basic Info

If you're going through your insurance to cover the cost of roof work, in most cases, whoever you choose to be your roofer will work directly with your insurance company. While roofing contractors in Texas are not public adjusters and cannot legally negotiate with your insurance company for job pricing, we are required to communicate with them in several important ways throughout the course of an insurance roofing job. If your roof has already been approved for replacement, any roofing contractor with sufficient insurance claims experience will ask to see your insurance scope when you call asking for a quote. Heres why:

  1. Both you and the roofing contractor you choose will be liable for making sure your insurance roof claim is executed in accordance with Texas insurance laws. In order for us to be sure we are acting within those laws in performing work for a homeowners roofing insurance claim, we have to understand what work and materials (and in what quantity) have been approved by insurance for your claim. We need to see a homeowners insurance scope to confirm the work we perform and materials we use are approved in, or within the terms set by, your insurer.
  2. To protect homeowners from paying anything more than the cost of their deductible in the end. When your roof gets approved for replacement, your insurance will send you a scope of approved material and labor needed to complete the roof replacement (this will include corresponding quantities and pricing for each approved item). That pricing is the industry standard- so if your roofing contractor has to order your materials "blind" (or without your insurance-approved scope), it's very often the case that they will order too few, too many, or sometimes entirely different material and labor items that have not been approved by your insurance, leaving you, the homeowner with a bill for the difference. For that reason, JNC Roofing will defer to your insurance scope to create our material orders- this protects homeowners from paying more out-of-pocket than their deductible price, and it's how we ensure the claim is being carried out legally.
  3. Sometimes (often) a national insurance company omits items from the approved scope that are required to bring your home up to local residential code. Drip edge (the 2x2 piece of metal installed around the perimeter edge of a roof to protect the fascia there from water and rot), for example, is regularly left off of scopes that come through the JNC office- even though drip edge is required to bring homes in the area up to residential building codes. In such cases, we have to go through a process called supplementation with your insurance company. In short, if the adjuster who approved your roof missed any material or work needed to complete the job on your insurance scope, we send them a request (a supplement) to release additional funds to the homeowner to cover the cost of those additional items.
  4. Your insurance company requires your contractor to provide proof you paid your deductible along with the contractor's final invoice upon completion of the job. If you have recoverable depreciation on your claim, they will not release that remaining balance without those 2 things. If there were items on the scope that your contractor didn't end up performing, the depreciation amount from those line items has to be deducted on the contractor's final invoice. If those changes are not reflected on the final invoice, alarm bells go off for insurers. 

Even if you don't choose JNC Roofing to perform your roof work, we'd be happy to answer any questions you have about your scope, your policy, or what you can expect at each phase of the insurance roof replacement process. Give us a call at (512) 518-3485

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